JC Wireless Security Kit

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Otroligt prisvärt säkerhetssystem från JC Security. kan larma lokalt, externa via Pusch-notiser och eller sms. Appstöd för både Andriod & IOS:

Fully programmable alarm host and sensors. Alarm host with 2.4 Inch TFT screen and touch panel, GUI supports multi-language, easy set-up app for smart phones (iOS and android and Google). Accessories include pet immune PIR Detector (Max KG of immunity:20 kg) X1, door sensor X 2, Remote controller X 2, RFID TagX 2, Warning Sticker X 2. JCHENG Alarm Kit is branding alarm kit with its Patent and tech support.

The burglar Security Alarm Kits support WIFI/GSM/GPRS/2G(can be used 3G or 4G network, But the network transmission of the system is 2G)Intranet Alarm. GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ. System supports Different Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intranet center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable). WIFI supports 2.4G WIFI only, it can't support 5G

Support up to 99 Defense Zone, with multi-zone location settings(be classified and named): Such as gate,hall,SOS,bedroom,Window,balcony,perimeter,smoke,gas,Carbon monoxide, water leaking etc. Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and 20 Seconds Help Voice recording, if alarm occurs, the host will dial preset number automatically and play the record your help voice. Support 6 Modes of alarm system: Arm/Stay Arm/Disarm/Trigger/Exit delay/Entrance delay

The system is based on 433MHz Wireless frequency , further supply complete range of Security Alarm accessories like Wireless PIR Motion Detector(pet-immune and non pet-immune), Window/Door DIY Contact Sensor, Remote Controller, Curtain PIR Detector, Panic Button, RFID Tag, Water Leakage Sensor ect. to customers. The accessories are compatible with most of alarm host in the market.


JC Wireless GSM&WIFI DIY Smart Home Security Alarm System

  • Size:185mm x 125mm x 14.7mm
  • Screen:2.4 Inch TFT Digital Screen
  • Function:Operating System with Multitasking Design
  • APP Function: Support APP Remote Arm/disarm, parameter setting and accessory management
  • Learning/Storage Location: Support up to 100 Learning/Storage Location for Remote Control and Wireless Detector
  • Record Function: Record 20 Seconds Alarm Voice, if alarm occurs, the alarm host will dial preset number and play the record voice
  • Timer Function: Can set automatic arm/disarm time according to your own routine time, avoiding repeated operation or miss arm/disarm ;Support Timing Arm and Disarm
  • Network: Support WIFI/GSM/3G/GPRS Intranet Alarm System. Support Different Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intranet center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)
  • Telephone Function: Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number, SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively; Support SMS Alarm/Disarm and Voice Alarm/Disarm
  • Language: Support English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Russian/Polish/Chinese
  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Working Current:<120mA
  • Standby current:<80uA
  • Siren output: <500mA
  • Wireless frequency:433MHz
  • Wireless Coding: EV1527
  • GSM Bands:850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • WIFI Standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standard
  • Back up Battery:3.7v/500mAh Lithium Battery
  • Working Temperature:0~50℃, Relative Humidity<80%RH

Package Included:

1 x JC Wireless Alarm Host

1 x JC Wireless PIR Detector(Pet-immunity)

2 x JC Wireless Remote Controller

2 x JC Door Window Sensor

2 x JC RFID Tag

2 x JC Warning Sticker

1 x JC Installation Bag

1 x JC 1M USB Power Cable and power adapter(UK)

1 x JC Full English User Manual

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