Brandstege 4,5m (2 Våningar)

1 499 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Brandstegen skapar en extra utrymningsväg och ökad trygghet. Den är enkel att förvara och använda. Försedd med kraftiga krokar som hängs över fönsterkarmen vid evakuering. Halksäkra steg i aluminium. 4,5 meter lång, beräknad att passa fastigheter med två våningar. Testad och godkänd för upp till 450kg.

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fire safety

Safely and quickly evacuate

The Smartwares Fire Escape Ladder is built with a strong steel frame and can support a 450kg capacity meaning many people can use the ladder at the same time so that you can evacuate everyone in your home quickly and efficiently.

The ladder features a universal window attachment and will easily attach to any window frame up to 9cm. The ladder has a ‘tangle free’ roll out system. Simply attach the ladder to the windowsill, pull the Velcro strap and the ladder will fall to the ground providing a safe and simple evacuate route. The distance between the steps is 33cm which is a suitable distance for both adults and children to descend. The steps also feature stabilisers which help the ladder grip to the wall and stabilises the ladder.

fire escape

Always be prepared for a fire

You never know when a fire may break out. The Smartwares Fire Escape Ladder is designed for use in situations where you may need to evacuate your home but all the stairs and exits are blocked. Safely and quickly evacuate your home with your whole family. Store the safety ladder on the first floor of your home near a window and show everyone in your household how to use it.


The Smartwares Fire Escape Ladder can be easily refolded into the folding bracket after use meaning you can use this ladder to practice with and safely store it away afterwards should you ever need it in a real emergency. All members of your family or household should know where the ladder is kept and how to use it, and a practice session is recommended.


manual and support

Instruction manual and online support

The Smartwares Fire Escape Ladder comes included with an instruction manual whoch explains how to safely and efficiently operate the ladder. Smartwares recommends that you practice with the ladder so create less panic and an efficient evacuation in the event of a real emergeny.

Smartwares online support available if necessary.

Smartwares Fire Escape Ladder

Quick and safe evacuation

The Smartwares Fire Escape Ladder is a 4.5m ladder with an easy roll out system that can be used from a first floor window. Steel frame and strong and can support a 450kg capacity meaning multiple people can use it at once. With universal window attachment and non slip steps, this ladder has the potential to save lives in dangerous situations.

  • 4.5m fire escape ladder to evacuate from the first floor of your home
  • 450kg capacity means multiple people can use it at once
  • Universal window attachment and easy roll out system
  • Non-slip steps and stabilisers to grip to the wall for stability
  • Reusable with the refolding system meaning you can practice with the ladder