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149 kr

PAC Stanley 21020 | Proximity Token with Clip

This PAC token can be programmed into any PAC's residential or commercial access control systems to monitor keyholder movement and protect the building.

As an alternative to the traditional door key, PAC's proximity ID tokens are used by millions of people as an easy and reliable means of gaining access to their homes, places of work and other secured access points such as car park barriers and turnstiles.

The token needs to be held near a PAC proximity reader for the code to be read and access will be granted or denied within half of a second. In the case of loss or theft, the token can be easily deleted from the system and replaced by a new one.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Completely sealed and IP67 rated
  • Can be colour coded for easy recognition
  • Lifetime guarantee against electronic failure

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible with GDX5 Indigo or PAC Access Controllers


62 x 28 x 5.5 mm (hwd)